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the cloudyr project

make R cloudier!

Welcome to the cloudyr project! The goal of this initiative is to make cloud computing with R easier, by providing robust tools for working with cloud computing platforms. The project’s work includes tools for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure.

The motivation for the project is simple: cloud computing is a critical component of contemporary software development and data analysis. The reasons for this are numerous (e.g., speed, memory, storage capacity, parallel computing, etc.) and need not be rehashed here. Yet R does not currently have many tools for engaging in cloud computing. There are many tools for extracting data from the cloud (see the Web Technologies Task View), but there are not very many tools for connecting a local R instance to cloud-based services.

Simply, the goal of the cloudyr project is to make cloud computing faster, easier, and more intuitive for R users through a unified cloud computing interface.

Indeed, the project’s motto is simple: make R cloudier!

current cloudyr packages

The project is developing many packages. As they are released, these packages are hosted in a drat repository on this website (specifically: and versions are updated daily and are periodically released to CRAN. This means you can install and upgrade cloudyr packages quite simply directly from R:

if (!require("drat")) {
drat::addRepo("cloudyr", "")

To make this even easier, you can add drat::addRepo("cloudyr", "") to your .Rprofile or file, so that the cloudyr repository is available every time you open R.

See the packages page for a complete list of what we’ve been working on.

To contribute your own project to the cloudyr project suite, see the contributing page.

recent news

You can follow the cloudyr project’s work on GitHub and on Twitter.