googleCloudStorageR 0.6.0 Unreleased

googleCloudStorageR 0.5.1 2019-08-31

googleCloudStorageR 0.5.0 2019-07-28

googleCloudStorageR 0.4.0 2017-11-17

Major changes

  • Update Bucket storageClass to include MULTI_REGIONAL, REGIONAL, and COLDLINE
  • Fix bug where gcs_load wouldn’t work if file name not “.RData”
  • Add gcs_first and gcs_last to autosave your file workspace to GCS
  • Better message feedback on file sizes
  • Add gcs_save_all and gcs_load_all which will zip, save/load and upload/download a directory
  • Add use of _gcssave.yaml file to control gcs_first/last behaviour
  • Allow passing a bucket object to functions that expect a bucket name (#76)
  • remove now unsupported travis environment argument
  • Add support for subscribing bucket changes to Google Pub/Sub

googleCloudStorageR 0.3.0 2017-05-27

Major changes

  • Correct metadata upload (#55 - thanks AndrewMarritt)
  • Let gcs_object_metaname not require name so it can be reused (#56 - thanks seandavi)
  • Add support for gs:// style URLs for object names (#57 - thanks seandavi)
  • Add what the public URL would be to an objects print method (#59 - thanks mwhitaker)
  • Add check to gcs_get_bucket() to only expect length 1 character vectors for bucket name. (#60)
  • Add paging for gcs_object_list (#58 - thanks @G3rtjan)
  • Add saveToDisk option to gcs_load (#52 - thanks @tomsing1)
  • Supply your own parse function to gcs_get_object() (#63 - thanks @nkeriks)
  • Support for prefix and delimiter in gcs_object_list to filter objects listed (#68)
  • Default permissions on new buckets lets you write to them afterwards `projectPrivate (#62)
  • gcs_get_object now supports downloads over 2GB (#69)
  • Add support for signed URLs (#54 - thanks seandavi)

googleCloudStorageR 0.2.0 2016-09-11

Major changes

  • Fix bug where you can’t rename objects via name in gcs_upload
  • Add gcs_save to store R session data in cloud
  • Add gcs_load to restore session data stored with gcs_save
  • Fix resetting of options(googleAuthR.rawResponse = TRUE) when using gcs_get_object
  • Add URLencoding to object_name in gcs_get_object etc.
  • gcs_global_bucket and gcs_get_global_bucket to set global bucket name
  • Add options to set environment variables for API keys, default buckets etc.
  • Add print S3 methods for objects, buckets and ACL
  • Add option to use your own write function for R object file uploads in gcs_upload
  • Add option to include object metadata in uploads via gcs_metadata_object
  • Add resumable uploads to gcs_upload to allow uploads over 5MB, limit now 5TB
  • Add retry uploads via gcs_retry_upload
  • Add delete object via gcs_delete_object
  • Add gcs_source to source .R files from GCS
  • Add versioning and lifecycle management to create and update bucket functions

googleCloudStorageR 0.1.0 2016-08-07

Major changes

Initial release

  • gcs_create_bucket
  • gcs_download_url
  • gcs_get_bucket
  • gcs_get_object
  • gcs_get_object_access
  • gcs_list_buckets
  • gcs_list_objects
  • gcs_parse_download
  • gcs_update_acl
  • gcs_update_bucket
  • gcs_upload