• Update website
  • Add R-Datalab Dockerfile example
  • Let Rstudio users be added with staff rights so they can install packages etc.
  • Add ability to specify disk size when creating a VM (#38) - thanks @jburos
  • Add firewall functions (#34)
  • Add a builder template to build docker images on a dedicated VM (#32)
  • Add global operation class
  • Add open_webports argument to gce_vm that will open web ports 80 and 443 if necessary
  • Add GPU functions
  • Migrate to use system2 instead of system for cross-platform SSH (#35)
  • gce_shiny_addapp is now much more useful
  • Add gce_schedule_docker and gce_vm_scheduler for easy Dockerfile scheduling
  • Add gce_vm_logs to quickly browse to an instance logs online
  • Fix custom machine types creation (#63) - thanks @Blaza
  • Set environment vars on VMs from metadata via gce_metadata_env

googleComputeEngineR 0.1.0

Major changes

  • Start, stop and restart VMs
  • Create instances using cloudinit
  • Browser based SSH
  • SSH from R
  • Metadata
  • Docker
  • Google container registry
  • VM templates
  • Future asynch cluster computing