Set, change and append metadata for an instance.

gce_set_metadata(metadata, instance, project = gce_get_global_project(),
  zone = gce_get_global_zone())



A named list of metadata key/value pairs to assign to this instance


Name of the instance scoping this request. If "project-wide" will set the metadata project wide, available to all instances


Project ID for this request, default as set by gce_get_global_project


The name of the zone for this request, default as set by gce_get_global_zone


Authentication scopes used by this function are:



To append to existing metadata passed a named list.

To change existing metadata pass a named list with the same key and modified value you will change.

To delete metadata pass an empty string "" with the same key

See also

Google Documentation

Other Metadata functions: Metadata


if (FALSE) { # Use "project-wide" to set "enable-oslogin" = "TRUE" to take advantage of OS Login. # But you won't be able to login via SSH if you do gce_set_metadata(list("enable-oslogin" = "TRUE"), instance = "project-wide") # enable google logging gce_set_metadata(list("google-logging-enabled"="True"), instance = "project-wide") }