Add SSH details to a gce_instance

gce_ssh_addkeys(instance, = NULL, key.private = NULL,
  username =[["user"]], overwrite = FALSE)



The gce_instance

filepath to public SSH key


filepath to the private SSK key


SSH username to login with


Overwrite existing SSH details if they exist


The instance with SSH details included in $ssh


You will only need to run this yourself if you save your SSH keys somewhere other than $HOME/.ssh/ or use a different username than your local username as found in[["user"]], otherwise it will configure itself automatically the first time you use gce_ssh in an R session.

If is NULL then will look for default Google credentials at file.path(Sys.getenv("HOME"), ".ssh", "")

See also

Other ssh functions: gce_ssh_browser, gce_ssh_setup, gce_ssh


if (FALSE) { library(googleComputeEngineR) vm <- gce_vm("my-instance") ## if you have already logged in via gcloud, the default keys will be used ## no need to run gce_ssh_addkeys ## run command on instance gce_ssh(vm, "echo foo") ## if running on Windows, use the RStudio default SSH client ## e.g. add C:\Program Files\RStudio\bin\msys-ssh-1000-18 to your PATH ## then run: vm2 <- gce_vm("my-instance2") ## add SSH info to the VM object ## custom info vm <- gce_ssh_setup(vm, username = "mark", = "C://.ssh/", key.private = "C://.ssh/id_rsa") ## run command on instance gce_ssh(vm, "echo foo") #> foo ## example to check logs of rstudio docker container gce_ssh(vm, "sudo journalctl -u rstudio") }